Language classes for Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish:

The UNON Language and Communications Programme offers language classes three terms per year.(detailed calendar annexed below)


First Term 2017:        30th January to 6th April

Second term 2017:    24th April to 6th July

Third Term 2017:       25th September to 4th December

Registration for regular, special, intensive and individual courses Third Term 2017

Registration for the third term 2017 will take place from 20th August 2017 to 18th September 2017. Registrations after this date may not be accepted.

New and continuing students should download the corresponding registration form from the UNON Language Programme website available at  https://languageprogramme.wordpress.com

Once filled, registration forms should be submitted by e-mail (Language.Programme@unon.org) or to the Language Programme Reception, W Block East Wing. Incomplete registration will not be processed.

Confirmation of Enrollment

Registration applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis as space in Language and Communications Programme is limited. Once a course is full, subsequent applicants are placed on a waiting list.  If a space becomes available within the first week of the term, the students on the waiting list may be contacted. A minimum of seven students must register to enable the formation of a class.

All registrants will be notified of their enrollment on 21st September 2017.

Payment of Fees

For UN organization sponsored registrants

All staff members who wish to register for language and communication training must complete the appropriate language registration form, obtaining approval from their Supervisor and certification of fund allocation from a Certifying Officer (account and signature).

Forms must be submitted to the Language Programme no later than 18th September 2017 for the third term beginning 25th September 2017. UN organizations will be billed during the first week of the term for all registered students.

Staff Members sponsored by a UN organization will not be permitted to repeat a course unless they reapply as fee paying participants.  Fee paying participants can repeat a course only once at any level.

For self-paying registrants

Completed forms must be submitted to Language Programme no later than 18th September 2017 for the first term beginning 25th September 2017. Incomplete registration forms will not be processed.

Self-paying registrants should submit their payment with their registration form.  They should have their registration form approved by Language Programme with an official stamp and signature and should take it to Standard Chartered Bank.

When payment is made, self-paying registrants are then requested to bring their paid form with their receipts back to Language Programme, W Block East Wing where a copy of their receipts will be filed.

Kindly click on the link below for further instructions and procedures on payment for a self-paying student:

How to fill out the payment slip.

All payments are to be paid no later than 9th October 2017.
Only US Dollars payments in cash will be accepted.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or withdrawals from a language course are required in writing to the Language Coordinator before the 3rd October 2017. No refunds will be issued for cancellations/no-shows after this date.


Students with less than 75% attendance rate may not be allowed to sit for the final examination at the end of each term unless the language teacher so authorizes and will be considered as “repeaters” unless the absence was due to sick leave or official mission.

The language teacher must be informed of all absences, including the reason for the absence (i.e. illness, mission, or occasional pressure of work).

Students who withdraw from courses for one term or more will have to take a placement test to be readmitted to the programme.

Placement Tests

UNON Language Programme will coordinate with students the time and place for the placement test.

Further Information

For registration and for further information, please contact:


or Fatma K. Gatabaki, Language Programme Assistant: Fatma.Gatabaki@un.org

or Javier Serrano, Language Programme Coordinator, e-mail: Javier.Serrano@un.org



18 thoughts on “Home

    • Thank you for your interest in our Language Programme.
      Kindly click on to the English icon at the top of our blog’s home page and click on the registration form link.
      Registration deadline is 21st January 2016. The class opens on 3rd February.

    • Dear Lorna,
      Thank you for your interest in our Language Programme.
      Unfortunately, we do not currently have online courses available.
      However, this is in the pipeline and we shall communicate once they have been approved and launched.

  1. Hi there
    I am interested in taking individual language classes as this is what will fit my schedule. I was told to contact the relevant teacher directly so I want to know am I required to fill the language programme registration forms even if set up classes with the teacher directly? Thank you!

    • Hi Sam,
      Please note that you need to fill out the registration form first before you talk to the teacher. You can download the individual registration form for second term from our website.

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