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French Language Day 2022

French language day 2022 - version 4-1

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French Language Day 2021 (4)-1

French Language Day 2021 (4)

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On 12 February the UNON Language Programme hosted an Open Day and Language Café for its students and other language enthusiasts. From 12.30 the VIP Lounge at the UN Gigiri complex opened its doors for the lunch time event and saw a steady stream of visitors joining  Arabic, Chinese, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese and Spanish language classes in a relaxed atmosphere.

The UNON Language Programme team welcomed visitors with coffee, tea and bitings from the different countries the Teachers are from.

At the French tables, participants enjoyed “pains et fromages” and together with the Portuguese and Spanish tables even a taste of “vino” was served. In high demand were Kenyan “mahamri” and Lebanese coconut truffles! And what about “Pastéis de Bacalhau”?

The UNON Language Programme opened Term 1 2020 during the last week of January with close to 200 students taking classes at various levels in the UN Official Languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian). Additionally, the Programme offers Kiswahili and Portuguese classes.

Please visit our website for the next term dates, times of classes and registration forms. The UNON Language Programme is open for students from all UN entities, Embassies and affiliated NGOs.

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Interested in the next multilingualism event? Note that on March 20th we celebrate French Language Day. In April the Chinese, English and Spanish languages celebrate their Day. The month of June is dedicated to Russian Language Day and in December Arabic Language Day is celebrated.

Keep an eye open for the next Language Café.

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Arabic Language Day


Arabic Language Day

4th December 2019

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